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The RMproject bookshelf is a vast collection of high-quality, freely licensed, user-generated informational material about RMwiki (look below) and its sister projects (see links above). Here are videos, brochures, and other things. Feel free to browse or add your own material. You might even want to join the Bookshelf Project where others like you create more materials. If you want to translate the materials, visit the localization guidelines.

All materials presented here have been released under a free license.

Important filesEdit

Thumbnail Name Language File type
Licensing tutorial en
What can I upload to RMfanon? English .JPEG
Licensing tutorial sw
Vad kan jag ladda upp till RMfanon? Swedish .JPEG
Licensing tutorial spa
¿Qué puedo subir a RMfanon? Spanish .JPEG
Licensing tutorial fr Que puis-je télécharger sur RMfanon? French .JPEG
User contributions detail
A look-through on the user contributions page English .JPEG
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